When I placed a dubbed copy a Neurotic tape into the old cassette deck we kept in the garage I heard the line “rock ’n roll isn’t a dance…” I had no idea that I would someday quote that. What’s more, I probably didn’t even know what they were talking about, but it really stuck with me.

Why you might ask was the point of this anecdote? Well, because I think that riding a motorcycle is not about going from A to B. For me it was a dream and to this day it still is. Whatever I’m sitting on, and wherever the road might take me.

The reason I chose the name Iron & Wind is that so even the Italians would understand, and if nothing else, then to know at least we have this much in common. All of you who are reading these lines (myself included) there is at least one thing that we share in common. Don’t you think?

This isn’t an elite club, and it’s not about a brand, a year or a colour. We have only one rule: keep an open mind. Allow yourself to accept the peculiarities and the weirdness of an other since all of us are dreamers. We don’t destroy, we create!

Okay, but what?! (I ask myself too.)

Wouldn’t you be curious to see the next door neighbour’s old veteran motorcycle that was brought out of the garage, but wouldn’t start when kicked in, so all the motorcycle freaks from the neighbourhood got together to see what the problem was?
And everyone put in their two cents and ran back to their own garages for spare parts, oil, or whatever might fix the problem, and when finally the motor revs up, it’s only for a short two minutes, but the cheers and the joy felt is something that stays with you. It’s uplifting.

So maybe I don’t have a good answer to my question about what it is we create, but what I can say is that we can try to build new friendships, here and abroad!

Let’s try to find each other. We’re happy to see everyone, even those who come late. Sometimes there’s that great bend in the road that you just need to ride through a couple times.


Iron & Wind

Central European Motorcycle Culture

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